Who I am

Hi you,

Honored to have you visit my website and interested to know about me. My name is Mingwu Gao or Barton if I misled you by any chance in the past.

Instead of directly heading into cliched social identities as most people do for self-introduction, I would like to address personal identities such as values, personalities and hobbies before hitting on the education and career experience, which basically can only offer little information about people’s legitness and decentness if someone would like to truly know and interact with them. I don’t wanna label people with social identities and will try to do the same to myself (even though sometimes I joked around with people about social identities with my friends, I don’t really give a tiny shit about it.)

I hope you can know me through the following information and friend me (click here).

Barton (Mingwu Gao)


Personal Identities:

  • The Purpose of My Life: to do interesting things with interesting people.

-It took me a tremendous amount of growing pain before coming to this point. I will keep updating it to make sure I stay on the right track toward happiness.

  • Religion: Theism, prefer Christian but not 100% sure.

-All discussions about it are more than welcome.

  • Personalities:

a. Funny: I am super funny and good at making people laugh. (Here is a list of my best jokes and here is the standup comedy I performed.)

b. Honest: I am doing my best to be honest to people and myself. That’s the only way to be responsible for others and myself, build up my credit and progress things forward effectively in the long run.

-I have to admit that I wasn’t honest all my past life and did many things that I am not proud of. But I think I did a good job about this point since 2010 thanks to the interaction with and influence of Christian people.

c. Peaceful: Since I believe in theism, everything is destined. Just take it easy and enjoy it.

d. Critical thinking: I give every rule, idea and instruction a second thought. I stay open to new reasonable ideas but “make my own rules and instructions” (quoted from my professor’s comments on me) if needed.

  • Hobbies

a. Perform stand-up comedian show

-I made my first stand-up comedian show on Feb 4, 2012. (Click here for the show)   More shows are coming for sure.

b. Read and learn about various areas of social science such as philosophy, economics, finance and psychology

-As an engineering student, I passed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1

-I also wrote an economics paper (click here) and won the student award of 38th St. Gallen Symposium in Switcherland in 2008

c. Watch and follow all kinds of sports like soccer, basketball and sometimes football

d.  Play soccer (Second Place of  Michigan State University Grad/Faculty League 2012, click here) , running (I did two marathons and the best I could do was 4hr30min. My best 5k is 21’57”), swim, play ping pong,tennis and ice skate. I am doing OK with each of them, definitely not star level. Just for fun and well being.

e. Beginner in Photography (Click here for some sample works)

f. Blogging. As you can tell from this site

g. Language.

-I am good at manipulating languages to make jokes during daily conversation orally and write stuff in both English and Mandarin.

– I scored full marks in the writing session of TOFEL

h. Movies and TV shows.

-Favorite Movies: Forest Gump, Dead Poem Society, Monalisa’s Smile

-Favorite TV shows: Friends (more than 10 times if including listening to its audio for the whole 10 seasons), Big Band Theory, Band of Brothers, So You Think You Can Dance

i. Idols

-Robert Baggio->Soccer; Michael Jordan->Basketball;

-Steve Jobs & Lao Luo (罗永浩)->Leadership and insightfulness toward life

  • Other Things You should know about me

a. I took a photo with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. I am his huge fan.


b. I saw Northern Lights in Michigan on early morning of March 11, 2015 and here are two of the shots I’ve got.


c. I took a photo with the following Chinese political character. (Sorry I can’t put his name here. Find any Chinese students, they can tell you who he is)


d. I have Jerry, Chief Hug Officer. (For more about Jerry, please click here)

05 下课了去食堂吃饭,大爱薯片. Eat at Caferteria after class. Big fan of chips.

Social Identities:

  • Hometown

Shenyang,  China

  • Academia Experience

Ph. D Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physiologic Signal Processing & Modeling Laboratory, Michigan State University (USA) . Jan 2011-May 2016

M.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering, ElectroScience Lab in Ohio State University (USA). Sept 2007-Dec 2008

B.S. in Electronic & Information Engineering, International Electromagnetics Academy in Zhejiang University (China). Sept 2003-Jun 2007

-Mixed Class, Chu Kochen Honors College

-Learned and Grew with Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

-Minor in English

  • Industry Experience

Scientist, Philips Connected Sensing Venture, July 2016-now

Consulting Intern, Retia Medical, Sept 2013-Jun 2014

Electrical Engineer Intern, GE Global Research. Jun 2012-Aug 2012

Electrical Engineer, Geyser Pump Tech Co. Jun 2009-Oct 2010


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