Friend Me

Hi you,

I am more than happy to make friends and grow together with you. You can friend me through any of the following ways. Be sure to mention you’ve got the information from this site.

Email or MSN:            Facebook: Barton Mingwu Gao

Renren or 人人网:高明武 (浙江大学)                               QQ: 281893067

Weibo or 微博:不是贾导小武中的小武

Looking forward to hearing from you


Barton (Mingwu Gao)

8 comments on “Friend Me

  1. Hey there, I happened to see your show on Chinese twitter, weibo. It’s 2 a.m. in the morning, and I just finished revising a paper. Hope it’s not as full of crap as yours, lol. Good job with your new year show! I like it. I didn’t imagine I would spend 10 mins watching the whole thing though,lol.

  2. Hei!!! saw your blog by accidentally… is funny…. :)…I am the one who sent you email yesterday. Nice to meet you!!

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