Why I am blogging

Hi folks,

This is Mingwu Gao or Barton if I misled you by any chance sometime in the past. Happy New Year to all of you.

I have been feeling blessed to spend my life with you guys in the past more than 26 years. So many hilarious, memorable, funny, embarrassing or even unreasonable stories, jokes or moments have been tasted or experienced, which would be a shame if I am the only one to enjoy the memories before falling into sleep every day.

So I am thinking about starting a small project in 2011 by recalling one enjoyable piece of fun, which could be anything, every day or every few days. I will update it in my account of Xiaonei, Facebook as well as Blog of WordPress and also send it to you by email taking it into fact that someone did not even give a shit to the above social networks tools.

Most of words would be put in both English and Chinese thanks to the diversity of my friends. But some shall be put in Chinese only or English only due to the funniness and joy incubated in the manipulation of language itself.

Those memories were or are happening in my junior high, senior high, college, graduate school or even present. Some of you probably will appear as the hero or heroine in my story. I will make it anonymous or not anonymous based on my common sense and value towards the situation.

There are my family and friends on this emailing list. But still, if you don’t feel comfortable receiving this email, please feel free to let me know. That is quite OK, because I am happy if you are happy.

You don’t have to reply the emails. The idea is to spread the joy.

I put three pieces of fun I have been working on these two days in the following. Hopefully you guys can enjoy it and start this exciting journey with me.

Again, Happy New Year!

Yours, joyful

Mingwu Gao or Barton

Jan 1, 2011

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