My Selected Works

Hi you,

Thank you for your interest in my blog and curiosity toward my favorite blogs. Since I have been updating this blog site since Oct 2006, I love every piece of blog I wrote and regard them as an inseparable part of life.

But still I hold special pride for some of them and consider them as my favorites.  I hope you can like them too

Barton (Mingwu Gao)


My favorite blogs written in English

-I seriously consider every piece of blogs I wrote in English after Jan 1, 2011 (click here) as my favorite, because every piece of fun I put in those blogs made me laugh and smile so bad that they make me love my life and everything around me. They can be simply accessed by reading through my blogs after Jan 1, 2011.

My favorite blogs written in Chinese

1.  娱乐圈不好混啊--俺在毕业晚会的节目被和谐掉了

2. 干死小日本

3. 老妈故事精编

4. 牛顿故事新编

5. 向人类公布偶发明的一个物理量,及其单位

6. 安全感|好人卡|我设计的一个条件反射实验 

7. 我觉得自己是一个伪基督徒

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