8 comments on “I became a Christian

  1. If you chose to be baptized because "all Christian people" you know "live a happy and peaceful life", I\’m afraid you did not fully get it. Also, speaking of "worrying about future" and "frustrated by unaccepetable failures": you are a person not a puppet. When God made you, He gave you a mind to think and talents to do things. God is in everything, good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes very ugly. If you truly believe in Him, believe in His plan and His Holy purposes in EVERYTHING, you will find real peace and joy. Faith is a life-long practice. Getting into a "belief" just so that you can get what you want is not what faith is all about. You have a lot to work on.

  2. To 小佛: Yes, I totally agree with you. That is why I hesitate to become a christian until last week. I had three concerns which got cleared by my Christian friend last week:1. I can\’t completely convince myself about the false of evolution.-My friend told me: to become a christian means only to inform God that I would like to open that door to let him in, get his offer, let him change me and reveal the truth to me. It didn\’t necessarily mean to accept all concepts and ideas of Christian. As long I keep searching for him, it is OK if I still I have doubt about him.2. I don\’t think I can obey all the 10 conmandments. -My friend told me, 10 conmandments are only mirrors given by the God to show us that we are sinful. It didn\’t mean if people violate any of the 10 conmandments, they cannot be Christian any more.3. My way of thinking was totally 唯物主义,I couldn\’t agree with any 唯心主义 including any religions.-But since I started to learn about Christian, I found out I became more and more happy. My personality changes too. Meaning God, no matter it exists or not, he is actually working on me, changing me and changing the world. Xiaofo, like you said, there are so many things for me to do and to learn about Christian and God. I can\’t agree with everything of Christian now. But I am working on it. What I did was just to open that door and allow God to change me. Thank you for your reminding. I appreciate it. To others: Thank you for being supportive and around me guys. Please share this joy with me.

  3. Glad to tell u that this article has been GFWed、、、 u are now totally on the oppo side of our bEloVed country now, haha cong

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