14 comments on “I still didn’t get the visa,and probably cannot make it to Swiss…

  1. USPS有时候是满诡异的,但是再等等吧,机票买了灭?

  2. yeah u always have choices, but why did you chose USPS?? If i were u, i would have chosen Fedex or UPS to send visa and PASSPORT.stupid.

  3. call them and push them hard. show your anger not necessarily means you are angry but let them know it.

  4. To 缇哥:
    To Shaka:
    To 小佛:
    To 阿Pei:
    To 小鸡:
    To 如花:
        I will definitely do that on Monday~
    To Alty:
        Hopefully I can get it~

  5. I love your idea of shooting older poplee and giving us inspiration. You are doing a great work. Keep it up and try developing your photography skills!I love to shoot and too. But they are not easy to find! ;-)Good luck with your book! cheersChris

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