9 comments on “我觉得自己是一个伪基督徒

  1. 建议复习我上次写的专栏,神创论和进化论都对,不矛盾。进化的过程是神创采用的手段和mechanism:"When I write a program or bake a cake, I take steps to develop it. The segments of codes did this and that before they all came together and accomplished the bigger project that I intended to when I started. The flour and eggs and shortening made a batter and later turned into a cake. That is the process I choose to take. So if God decided to use the evolutionary process as the mechanism to achieve what He was intended to, who are we to say “No?”"http://www.collegiatetimes.com/stories/14699/religion-and-science-coexist-in-evolutionary-theory

  2. 很多纠结的过程是都事物曲折发展的必经阶段,有思想好过没思想哈新年快乐咔咔~这几天就好好的吃睡休息下好乐

  3. To 小佛:  偶又拜读勒你的大作,对于你统一勒神创论和进化论的观点非常非常地赞啊。不过偶现在其实的问题在于我相信宿命,相信上帝,但看不出这些和Christian和Jesus Christ有什么关系。就是说我为什么一定要信息基督教,而不是伊斯兰教。偶对基督教里的很多理论比如三位一体,Jesus是上帝的儿子以及原罪等理论还不能特别地认同,这是我现在的主要矛盾的说。PS1:偶新年过得很快乐啊~~PS2: I can\’t wait to attend your wedding…到时别忘了邀请我啊To lljj: 对啊,送个好礼物可真不容易~

  4. To chaojiang: 但愿如此吧~To 小佛: 恩恩,和你交流令我受益非常多啊. Can\’t wait to know more about your ideas~

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