10 comments on “dang章修改建议 & Though the perfect can be perfected

  1. Thanks for the tasty pork skin jello and being a patient shopping-bag carrier… Merry Christmas :)~Me //trying to ignore all the grammar mistakes and misuses of terms I\’ve seen in this entry…

  2. To 老钱:
        I made it and got every body… ^_^
    To flourisgirl:
         Heihei, I dress them up ~ ^_^
    To TT:
         You too~
    To Xiao Fo:
         My great honor and pleasure you like it.
      Me too// 5555~~your English is quie over mine…
    To Alty:
         Unanswered terrorism cannot only bring down buildings, it can threaten the stability of legitimate government. And you know what, we are not going to allow it….

  3. 钱是酱紫放进去的   打开盖子 放进硬币 关上盖子

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