3 comments on “贴封比较积极的回复from Berkeley

  1. 老高, 这一脚踩得相当厚实啊! 想起你说一封陶瓷一个月准备,这个决不是偶然. @,@ 这个保底一定要守住.
    感谢老高, 好人那, 被我拉去壮胆, 虽然最终还是没有采纳你那套建议和分析, (嘿嘿, 已经闯出新桥门,) 不过一份BG随时放在这边.

    • Thank you so much for your input. I totally agree about the gays wnorikg to over-take the blacks and the hispanics and the muslims on the Minority Totem-Pole (so to say) of the United States. That is, the gays have surely been getting closer and closer to the top of our country’s Minority Totem-Pole. If illegal immigrants (and they are ILLEGAL to begin with), can even be on the totem-pole in the first place, then, it surely goes without saying the gays could someday possibly rule the entire Minority Totem-Pole of the United States. As government and society must be sensitive-to-the-needs of all minorities, the group at the top of the Minority Totem-Pole will receive most of our country’s sensitivity and most of the money (handouts). Consequently, there is no way a white person can feel guilty about anything unless he or she (as you pointed out) was brainwashed and the like. Also, I find it very interesting Affirmative-Action has become an accepted element of current-day society. This means racial preference has become an accepted element of current-day society. You can bet the minorities want to keep it that way, too. With this in mind, the word equality as it applies to life in the United States has become not much more than a bad joke.

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